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Connecting competing athletes and fans. Discover athletes and become their fan. Or find athletes you already know. You can see your connection and the degrees of separation to your favorite athletes.

See How it Works

Watch the video to see Torch in action and how it connects athletes and fans.



  • Collect athletes' flames in your Torch​.
  • See the path a flame took to reach your Torch and your Degree of Separation from the athlete.
  • See where you rank with other fans and among your friends.
  • Discover athletes previously unfamiliar to you.
  • Learn interesting facts shared by athletes.
  • See a map illustrating the spread of an athlete's flame.
  • If an athlete has set up a funding page, you can donate (through third-party websites) to help an athlete with expenses for training and competition.



  • Build and increase your fan base.
  • Get exposure to potential fans around the world​.
  • Watch your flame spread around the world.
  • Provide information to Torchbearers through your profile page (update as frequently as desired).
  • If you have a funding website (e.g., Rallyme, DreamFuel, SportFunder), receive increased traffic to that webpage to help with expenses for training and competitions.
  • Be a fan yourself and interact with fellow athletes. 
  • See where you rank with other athletes in collecting Torchbearers for your flame.
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